Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pakistani Punjab College Girls Photo's And Gallery Picture

Beautiful College Girls Pictuer
College life is much different from school life. Normally in college  life you feel much lighter in respect of your duties or you academic  structure. As in school life there are certain limitations like in  your dress layout you have to be very careful, pay much attention at  your studies and more but in college there are some relaxation in above areas and much more. Typically in Pakistan there are lot of  colleges which are only for men and women and some of them are for  both sex. Girl's colleges which belong to government or semi  government have their own dress layout and most of them are private so  they are free from this point. The education level is very high in 
both sectors and the instructors/ teachers are also qualified about to  PhD level. The environment is so good and friendly that no one can  judge that it's a college or a home. The passes out students from our girl's colleges play an important role in Pakistan as well as in abroad.

I am a down to earth lady, very outgoing and very submissive.
I like having fun and making good friends. I love cooking make and house cleaning

Beautiful Girls Togather And Enjoy

Girl Activities in Pakistan inlcudes art, craft, Pakistani classical vocal music, Pakistani classical instruments which are usually trained and educated in institutions of Pakistan.
Physical activities are important for everybody and same is true for girls in Pakistan no matter what their age is because in Pakistan generally girls are less active than boys the same age. As teen girls juggle the transition from primary schools to higher school there are other social pressures that come with it on girls in Pakistan– socially, at home, and at school and finally at work place.

This will be a valid statement that girls drive the fashion. No one  can really debates on fashion because it changes alongwith the frame  of mind. Generally fashion resembles with the wind, as it blows  fashion also blow.  Like in other areas Pakistan is not so far behind  in fashion also. In summers girls have more options to wear dresses so 
one can see different kind of shades like flappers or open trousers,  long shirts which are so in. In the promotion of fashion shows play an  important role.

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